Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

It is highly recommended because tours often sell out quickly.  To maximize your chance of getting the day and time you prefer please book in advance.  Tickets can be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately due to the nature of this tour, we will not be conducting the tour during inclement weather.  If, on the day of the tour, the company needs to cancel the tour, we will reschedule you to another time that is convenient for you.  If this is not possible, a full refund will be issued.

Will you pick me up from my hotel?

Unfortunately we are unable to pick you up from your hotel but parking is available at Peabody Place Garage located at 110 Peabody Place Avenue.

 Are your vehicles air-conditioned?

No they are not but with all the windows rolled down the cars are comfortable during the summer months.  We do have heating for the winter months.

Should I tip my tour guide?

If you feel you enjoyed yourself and had a great time, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Which car will I be riding in?

Whichever car is available that day.

How many people can go on the tour?

We can accommodate a group of up to 8 people with both cars.

How long is the tour?

All tours are 1 hour but it can run a bit longer or shorter, depending on traffic.

Is this a private tour, or will there be other people in the car with us?

This is an Exclusive Private Tour.  Once tickets are purchased for a specific time slot, that tour will no longer be available to anyone else.

Are there any stops during the tour?

We have two main stops on the tour and you also have the option to get out at most locations to explore, take pictures etc. only if time and traffic permits.

Are there bathrooms along the way?

Yes, restrooms are available at the meeting location.  We do not have any scheduled bathroom stops along the tour, but if you need to stop, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

Are the tours conducted in English only?

Yes.  However, since the tour is mostly visual, the tour can work wonderfully even if you have only a basic understanding of English.

Where does the tour begin?

It starts at the corner of Second and Beale Street in the heart of downtown Memphis.  Exact meeting location details will be provided to you immediately upon purchasing your ticket.

Where does the tour end?

The tour will end exactly where it began!

Where do I park?

Paid parking can be found at either the Hard Rock Cafe or the Peabody Garage located at 110 Peabody Place, Memphis, TN 38103.

Can I take luggage on the tour?

No because the trunks are not very large and unfortunately we are not able to store any items at our meeting place.

Will we go into any of the stops on the tour?

Unfortunately we are unable to go into any of the stops.

Can children go on the tour?

Yes as long as children are above the age of 10.

If the tour is sold out can I get on a waiting list?

If both tours are sold out for that day we may be able to schedule an additional tour that day.

How much walking is involved?

There is almost no walking on the car tour as it will take place mostly inside the car.  The Beale Street walking tour will cover about 3 blocks.

Who will my tour guide be?

Car tours are given by company owners, Brad Birkedahl and Brandon Cunning.  The walking tours are given by Rooster.

Can I bring food & drink on the tour?

No.  Unfortunately, we do not allow food and drink on the tour.  However bottled water is acceptable.

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Yes.  There will be many great opportunities for taking memorable photos.  Remember to bring your camera.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

If you have a collapsible wheelchair and have limited mobility, we should have no problem accommodating you.  Please let us know what you need.  If you have a non collapsible wheelchair and no mobility, unfortunately our cars are not equipped to accommodate you.

Can I bring my pet?

No.  Sorry pets are not allowed.

Are your cars available for special events?

Yes!  Rockabilly Rides can arrange to have you picked up and dropped off in style.  A night on the town, a special date or any occasion.  If you are interested in this, please give us a call at 901-264-0819 and provide the details of what you are looking for.

Do you offer discounts for travel agents?

The standard travel agent discount is 10%.  This discount is valid for travel agents who will be attending the tour, and requires the agent to provide a business card at the start of the tour.  To use this discount, please contact Rockabilly Rides at 901-264-0189 and provide your travel agency’s name and contact information.